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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 21, 2015 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters april 3rd. tonight after the storm, the cleanup and the big freeze on area roads and what conditions could turn to slick, black ice. good evening to you i'm yes, sir dean and natasha brown chris may has the night off. with temperatures dropping tonight we have our eye on the slippery conditions that could affect your morning plans. >> absolutely. the big problem in the aftermath of this storm the fact that there is not much wind. some locations have winds at about 10 to 15 miles an hour. but most locations have light wind. we usually depend on that to dry the roads. take a look at storm scan 3 where we do have some pocket of freezing drizzle and drizzle lingering. otherwise we are drying it out
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across the delaware valley, but temperatures are falling and falling fast. philadelphia still holding onto 33. 30 in trenton, 31 in redding. we are in for the refreeze overnight. so we're talking about temperatures falling well below freezing overnight. those slushy spots turning icy and freezing fog a concern during the early morning hours. now, look at future temperatures, tomorrow morning we're looking the at everyone pretty much below freezing with the exception of a few spots but then temperatures will be warming with that strong march angle, 43-degrees by noon in philadelphia. 39 in the poconos and look at this, a little bit of spring moving in with temperatures in the 50ss by the after none, but not just 50s in the forecast we're talking about some 60ss coming up. we'll talk about more when they arrive with the seven day forecast. for now the big cleanup begins tomorrow. thank you. >> the snow shovels got one last workout for winter. this was the scene earlier in moorestown, burlington county. folks cleared the when the snow
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and slush from sidewalks and driveways and heavy equipment made for a pretty good quick in parking lots along route 38. now to doylestown roads in that area were covered with slush as well and those on foot had to watch where they stepped. kids had there had a planned half day but it felt a lot more like a snow day. >> i would have expected it to be a little warmer than this. what is the worst part of all this snow. >> that it gets yucky, mushy. > some used the opportunity of the snow to bring home some quick cash by shoveling. our team coverage of the cleanup continues tonight with eye witness news reporter diana rocco. >> after what was a very long last day of winter most of it spent cleaning up spring has finally arrived. the cleanup has started crews rushed to clean all the heavy slush from roads sidewalks and parking lots before temperatures start to tumble.
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from the start roads and surfaces slick. are you ready for spring. >> yes, very much so. > yes i've been ready. at rush hour drivers had a messy commute home. heading in and out of the city with disabled vehicle also and accidents causing delays. visibility was slow and driving was difficult for most of the day. it's a little slushy, but not bad, when the. >> on the parkway cleanup lasted well into the night. slushy sidewalks didn't keep everyone home. bob crawl was out shopping with his wife. >> i think this is going to be our last one and i am ready forth spring. >> we're all hoping this is the last one. >> in bala cynwyd many decided to venture out despite the cold when the weather which has everyone hoping for brighter days. >> hopefully it will be better from here on out. >> it's not really snowing.
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so we're starting. a reminder to watch out for black ice use caution and keep it slow if you're driving overnight. now that spring has been here for several hours many are hoping it will start to feel like it in center city. if you want to track what's next in the forecast you can have information right at your fingertips. download the cbs philly weather app, it's available on i tunes or google play. now to a murder mystery that's rocked a philadelphia neighborhood, new tonight we're hearing from the grieving father who found his daughter strangled in her kensington bedroom. he spoke with eyewitness reporter david spot. antonio marine owe told eye witness news he's still in shock after he found his 18 year old daughter dead under a sheet in her bedroom. >> i can't take it anymore. it is a mess. margaret ma lien a was just months away from graduating from olney high school.
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her dead told eye witness news she planned on go to penn state. ma lien a said his daughter and her boyfriend got into an argument. he also left when he returned he began to panic thinkinguhis daughter was still out. i was worried. around 1:00 i was going -- my nerves was jumpy. ma lien a said the 18 year old bedroom door was locked and he didn't have the key. after pacing back and forth he took the door off the hinges and ran into the bedroom. when i put the sheets down i scream. everybody came from old block. she had a head wound and had been strangled. police arrived minutes later and ghana search for the suspect. neighbors watched the scene unfold. >> she was waiting for her prom in may. she was talking to me about her prom. she was planning after graduation. >> she was a good girl. >> as police continued their search ma lien a suspects the boyfriend had something to do with his daughter's debt and he
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has this message. >> he's not going to get away with it. i know, i tried the police. margaret planned to become a nurse after graduating. she volunteered at einstein hospital. police have not named any suspects or charged anybody. if you have any information call philadelphia police. reporting from police headquarters. david spun cbs3. all three teen t age suspects in the murder of area over brook man are behind bars. the shooter surrounded to police this morning. hamilton and two other teams decided to rob someone after plage basketball nearby. they encountered 5 # year old james stall man who was walking his dog at the time. stall man begged for his life but hamilton shot him anyway. hamilton's aunt spoke exclusively to eye witness news with a message for the victim's family. >> you have my deepest condolences and this was never
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meant to happen. i can't imagine how you guys feel. we apologize for everything. he hasn't been taking his medication and it's not right you know what happened. hamilton and 15 year old brandon smith both face murder charges and will be tried as adults. a 14 year old boy who was corroborating with police will be tried as a juvenile on lesser charges. > and we're following breaking news tonight shots fired inside new orleans international airport. police say they shot a man after he attacked a guard at a security check point with a machete and also sprayed officers with was p spray. the suspect was taken to an area hospital. police have shutdown the concourse where the incident happened, but the rest of the airport is open. take a look at this an electrical fire on the tracks shutdown the market frankfurt l in center city tonight. those flames were captured on cellphone video near the 13th street station around 7:00.
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septa says an insulator caught fire. passengers were bussed between fifth and 30th street for a time and normal service on the l resumed about 8:00. no one was injured and the cause of that fire is still under investigation. > the children of the comedian killed in the new jersey turnpike that injured tracey morgan are getting a $10 million settlement from walmart. that amount was disclosed in court papers filed in new york. james mack anywhere died when a walmart truck rear-ended the van carrying him, morgan and two others. morgan's lawyers say the former saturday night live star suffered a brain injury, broken ribs and a broken leg. a former standpoint temple university football is facing charges of human trafficking tonight. matthew brown was a wide receiver running back and special teams player for temple 2009 to 2012. he was arrested in maryland after allegedly arranging for paid sex between three under age
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girls and an under paid detective at a best western. >> brown's bond has been set at $75,000. an l eye witness news exclusive tonight, an unusual disguise along with high detective work identify a robbery suspect. investigative reporter walt hunter has the story. >> police say the frightened clerk inside this a-plus mini mart no doubt paid more attention to the gun pointing at him than to the unusual hat the suspect wore hoping to shield his identity. >> the guy walks in the door and sticks a gun in his face. you can hear on the tape he screams, he was terrified. >> it's that unusual head gear disregarded as he ran down lancaster avenue that ultimately did h3m in. >> it stood out like a sore thumb. >> the crew worked for hours collecting what amounted to a mini clothing store of, including the suspect's jacket and sneakers. but it was the hat and saliva
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containing dna that police said led to christopher c. niece of aspen being charged. while he's talking, giving demands at some point in time whatever saliva that is coming out of his mouth gets onto the hat. this is what gave us what we needed at this point. finally, the suspect charged with robbing this mini mart almost got away with it. he was only days away from being released on prison from earlier unrelated charges, police say when radnor detectives arrived at his cell and gave him the bad news about the dna match. >> we moved to make sure he didn't get out and take off to who knows where. >> with the technology we have today, he got to save everything. you never know when ' going to need it. radnor commanders saying hats off to a veteran cop and dna technology for much contacting the suspect. in wayne, walt hunter cbs3 eyewitness news. after defensing the use of her
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personal e-mail account now hillary clinton has been told to hand over all her e-mails. find out who wants to see them. we've got new details next. now that the snow is gone, or will be melting, it's going to feel more like spring. we'll show you when those temperatures will sore into the 60s coming up. earlier it was a the lot more like winter. we'll show you what the falling snow meant for an annual spring tradition at rita's. and no time to bask in the glory of last night's win. villanova gets ready for their next matchup and we're with the team and talking with head coach jay rice. that's coming up ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once.
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> suicide bombers attack two mosques in yemin today, at least # 37 people are dead. the four bombers were sum i extremists carry out their attack against shiite places of worship. in addiction to the attack it left 300 injured. it carried out the attacks, the white house says there is no proof isis was involved.
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hillary clinton hand over her private e-mail server to an independent investigator for information. the committee is looking for information relating to the 2012 attack on the us mission in benghazi. clinton is under fire for using a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of state. she has already released 55,000 e-mails to the government, but the committee says the independent investigator should select the e-mails to be turned over. >> prince charles and his wife camilla wrap up their us visit with a stop in kentucky. >> the royal couple were certify nateed my old conduct i home. prince charles learned about kentucky bourbon and how wise i barrels are made. he got a limb glimpse into environmental buildings. witnessed an extraordinary at months mere california event.
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a three minute total eclipse when the moon lines up between the sun and the earth was extra special because the sun was covered by a super moon. so what a spectacular site that is there. the us will not experience a total solar eclipse again until 2017 playground equipment covered in snow, not how we use usually usher in spring here, but snow is not keeping people from taking part in an annual spring tradition. as sue paterson shows us who doesn't love a chilly treat even on a chilly day. >> all of the bizarre sites and sounds on this alleged first day of spring none of them come close to the oddity of this. we want water ice. kids adults seniors bundled from head to t toe shivering while shoveling the ice into their hands into the mouths all while ignoring the ice on the ground. even with the wind wiping biting
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flurries in their eyes people kept coming to this rita's on city a avenue. it's all a bit strange i got to tell you. it's bringing a smile to people's faces. they look up and say what the heck. the real answer of course every window no matter the weather on the first day of spring you can get water ice without paying for it. >> i mean it's free so we're going to come. when you are peggy tire with six kids home early from school forget about the first day of spring it might as well be christmas. >> my favorite word, free. so last year rita's estimates they gave about 1.2 million water ices. this year maybe a little different. the popular flavor is always mango. this year looks like a mango with snow. reporting from over brook park, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 eyewitness news.
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> it's cold. it is indeed cold but i bet it tasted very good. you can also do abilene din i with snow. >> although custard would be better. >> you know what, our eyewitness weather watches are always working 24/7 and here is a great idea that ilene had. this is what she did with her mango water ice. take a look. >> gilbert said she measured the snow with her rita's water ice. hard at work and you'll see their observations at the bottom of your screen. we are looking at conditions that are cold out there tonight. temperatures are falling through the 30s and we are going to be seeing temperatures bottoming out in the 20s and 30s, but blow freezing during the overnight and that means any precipitation that fell during the day today, the slush, the sleet, the rain that is going to be refreezing. some he we say goodbye to winter and our storm. we say hello to spring and we
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leave behind some decent snow accumulations. let's go state bi-state pennsylvania, six inches, balkin wood 5.8 and philadelphia international airport 3.9 inches of snow. in new jersey moorestown 6 and a half, marlton 5 lindenwold 4 the same in cherry hill, mays landing three inches and the delaware, not so much as we saw some mixing with rain as expected. right now in philadelphia 33, but look at our suburbs blow freezing in pottstown in quakertown and willow grove and also doylestown. temperatures will fall blow freezing in northeast philadelphia. so please be careful out there. sometimes it's too late when you're on the the sidewalk to realize you're walking on a glaze of ice. tomorrow we will see temperatures warming with the sunday breaking out by the late morning and into the early afternoon but then all eyes on this a front that will swing through with a late day sprinkle possible and that's going to reinforce cold air. we get a one hit wonder of a day
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that's pleasant. sunday will be chilly with his in the 40s and the same goes for monday with this cold area of high pressure. the only good thing about this is that it's going to keep moisture, rain to our south. at least week out another dry day on monday and that will linger into tuesday. overnight, cloudy and cold. the slush will be freezing. northsly winds blow temperature around 30 in the city. during the day tomorrow we catch a break. partly sunny after some mild fog, temperatures around 50 degrees. at least any lingering slush or maybe you didn't quite shovel the driveway totally it will be melting tomorrow and a little bit easier to reof month. >> welcome springs the first full day of spring is today. saturday the average high temperature 54-degrees. sunset not until nearly quarter after seven and the average snowfall for the spring season is about one inch. after this maybe an inch. we've been known to get more than that but typically our last measurable snowfall date
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typically is march 15. so we're going over that by a little bit with this storm. seven day forecast shows temperatures cooling sunday and monday. look what happens tuesday. kind of transition day. we have the sun, morning lows in the 20s, but afternoon highs pushing toward 50. and we could get there. wednesday, 55, thursday, 60. we do see rain, but hey it's of #* 60 and then by friday a new showers, 57. it doesn't take much to make us happy anymore. >> we'll take the rain. we just want to get out of this, you know, weather rut. >> all right golf course, right, beastly. >> basketball sounds good, too. villanova, we are so excited there. still in pittsburgh. we'll talk about that round two for the caps. leslie baynard stone has a report from
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villanova fans await the next round where they hope nc state will be the wild cats next victim. leslie bernard stall is on the road with the cats as she filed this report from pittsburgh. they've rot experience. their guards are outstanding, but i think what we saw in the lsu game their forwards are starting to come into their own. they're playing with great balance. villanova rolled through lafayette thursday night with a victory to advance to the third round of the tournament. they'll play eighth nc state who played an amazing come back against lsu. we started saying let's look at nc state. pay attention. >> it speaks volumes about the time of team they are, their coaches. they're a very gritty team and they're coming at us. the key for know of a, just keep playing their game.
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just anybody can go off on any given night. everybody is so balanced. everybody just have one to go, just the one. >> we did the same thing at the east opportune amount. the next thing against providence, we just had to defense well. if villanova can play like they did thursday night i think it will be very hard to find a team that can beat them. lesley van arsdall. uav versus ucla with a 12:10 tip off. national i versus kentucky at 26789. 40. ohio state versus arizona and utah taking on georgetown at 7:45. our phillies news, cbs john heyman is reporting that the the phyllis are talking to the rangers about a possible cole hamels trade. the rangers have one of the better pharmacist terms in baseball and they lost their ace
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for the season. the nix visiting the sixers in south philadelphia. every game it seems like noel is getting better. fin issue at the half. he was uncoverage all night and then watches noel zooms into your picture for acrobatic basketball five steels three props, a good night, it sixers crush the nix 97 to 81. so the future is looking bright. that ought to shut a lot of people up who have been questioning what the sixers are doing. that was one performance. >> still to come tonight, they lost a the lot in the wake of hur can sandy but they never lost hope. more than two years later an emotional home coming down the shore. that's
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> it's an emotional home coming for some local families two and a half years after hurricane city. i witness in ocean city. the catholic charities. helped three families repair their homes. mold was a problem in each case. these families say they are grateful to be back. will always be here for my kids april my pieces and my grandson. a lot more cases are being uncovered where there is mold damage, water damage that wasn't seen you know right after the storm. sandy victims still trying to rebill are encouraged to reach out to their county long term recovery group for any assistance. some musicians showed off their skill and their hard work
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tonight. eyewitness news at the union league in center city by a performance by the philadelphia youth orchestra. mayor nutter there. he received an award from the orchestra for his support of the arts. they support the youth financial aid and tuition remission program. they sound great. we'll be right back.
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